SJB & WJB - Purchase of home in Redmond

We received awesome service ... she kept us informed with excellent communication ... she stood up for us in negotiations... she is honest and knowledgeable about all of central Oregon... she treated us like million dollar buyers.

RL & ML - sale of home & shop on acreage in Powell Butte

Debbie was personally recommended and she gave us excellent service in the sale of our home!

TR & LR - Sale of horse property in Redmond

Extremely satisfied .... She did an awesome job and really worked hard on our behalf.

CS & VS - Sale of home on acreage in Redmond

We contacted Debbie over a year ago when we started thinking about selling ... we contacted her months later when we were ready to list our property. She did a good job of negotiating with the prospective buyer and in closing the deal.

DM - Sale of home on acreage in Bend

Debbie helped us every step of the way. The made the process as painless as possible even though we were selling a home during a divorce.

BB & SB - Sale of home at Crooked River Ranch

Debbie made the sale of our home very easy, then helped us find our next home, she knew exactly what we were looking for, we highly recommend her.

RH - purchase of Tumalo property

I was an out-of-town city dweller looking for a horse-appropriate property, only coming in periodically for shopping visits. Debbie was terrific. She guided me through understanding the climate/choices and helped me learn more about the property options and which would work best for me. She was patient, and persistent. And, when I settled on a place, she went above and beyond in helping with the inspection, the title review to make sure I was protected. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

JV & KN - Sale of Sisters residential & purchase of Sisters horse property

Nobody has the patience of Debbie! She is great with saving us needless steps to properties that weren't right for us as well as helping us think outside the box when finding the perfect horse property. She made herself available even when it wasn't exactly convenient for her (as in out of town and drove home to help us view a property on short notice). Was a great resource as far as finding people to prep our home for sale as well as handling less than cooperative agents. Always positive; always energetic; always resourceful.

GB + MB - Sold Terrebonne farm & purchased smaller horse property in Sisters

We had a farm and listed it with Debbie. We had some great buyers but there were legal problems with water rights and a former neighbor so we had to figure out how to solve it for our buyers and new neighbor next door. Deb is very determined and thorough with details and she jumped in and helped us solve the problems by suggesting just the right attorney to handle the issues so we could close the sale. All parties were satisfied so the sale went through smoothly. She then helped us buy a smaller place because I wanted to keep my horses. All went well there too and now I not only have a trusted Realtor, but I have a great new friend as well!

CM + JM - Sale of Crooked River Ranch property

Debbie kept us informed all the way through the process. We can't say enough about her professional services. She's outstanding!

JM & CM - Home with Canyon Views

Debbie was outstanding to work with. She educated us and really kept us informed thru the whole process. She is so professional and really knew our area. She has also become a good friend to us!

DS & JS - Sale of Home in Terrebonne

It was wonderful working with Debbie especially with all her knowledge that realtors have to know. What impressed me a great deal was how she stayed in contact with us by phone, email or text, she was ALWAYS available. The property we were selling was 3 hours away from our home and Debbie made it possible to us to do almost everything from our main home. She took all our left over items to a donation site, picked up boxes & transported them. She would make the trip from her office to let cleaning staff in, repair people, etc. Thank you Debbie in the sale of our vacation home!

DW & PW - purchase of home in Bend

Debbie is very professional and protects her sellers or buyers ... goes the extra mile!

JB & MB - purchase of Sisters duplex

We had some rough moments because documents and information was slow coming, but we got the job done. So glad Deb was there for us. She was doing double duty!

EW & TW - Purchase of home

Debbie is a relentless & kind agent who stayed in contact with us throughout the process. She ALWAYS returned our phone calls and was willing to view a property for us on a moment's notice, which was invaluable as we were 500 miles away prior to our relocation. She is a rock star agent.

DJ - Sale of 5 acres with manufactured in Bend

Debbie was great to work with! Quick to reply when I had questions, helped with every part of the sale since I was not there to oversee things. Would call her for help if I need anything in the future. Absolutely recommend her for anyone needing help buying or selling - she was GREAT!!!